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What if...

If my paintings sit around my house for too long there is a very good chance they will be "reworked". And sometimes "rework" turns into something else entirely. That is what happened here. The original piece was a monochrome painting of two faces. Every time I reached for another canvas, there it was, looking at me. Something about it no longer rang true. I pulled the canvas out of the rack, poured out similar colors, and began covering up the parts I didn't like. When I stepped back I realized I'd covered most of the canvas!

All last year, with COVID, social distancing, no hugs, basically feeling like every single day is Groundhog Day. I was feeling useless. And then there was her face. She was looking down, but at what? What if she is being consoled by a dog? I chalked in a dog figure. What if the dog is white, symbolizing a spiritual figure/purity/love? I'll keep it white. GREAT! DONE! This painting probably could've held it's own as is, but WHAT IF....

You have to be ready for the "What If" question because it means something you REALLY love about your piece may have to change. Goodbye to attachment. Let go. Do not fear change. Boy, art is so much like life!

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