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Long Story Short

June 10th will mark three months since I fell from an embarrassingly short ladder while hanging three 10”x10” paintings. I fell, hit our glass door, shattered the glass and landed with a thud, breaking my hip and causing a hairline fracture to my foot. All in the blink of an eye. All on what started out as a relaxing Sunday afternoon. But I get ahead of myself…

The year started out like last year. I had a successful solo show in a beautiful venue, this time Casa del Sol in downtown Ajijic, MX.  It was a fabulous experience – stressful but a dream come true. We closed in February. In March I found myself with a few remaining pieces that needed to be hung. In my house. That required a ladder.

Long story short, I am finally back at the easel. It wasn’t easy (that is another story). Thank you Li’l t and Marcia for giving me the inspiration that I so needed. You two have a way of doing that. You will always be my artistic backbone.

I don’t have a perfect piece of art to fit this story. I will just post the first one I have completed since The Incident. If you are still here, thanks for reading!

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