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Gringa in Mexico

I wake up at my usual 3:00 a.m. Reach for my bottled water beside my bed. And there it is right outside my balcony window - the moon reflecting on the water, distant music, city lights twinkling. It could be San Francisco if I didn't know any better. My new world. My new life.

My studio.

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1 Comment

Thomas Robinsky
Thomas Robinsky
Jan 16, 2023

"Gringa in Mexico" is very inspiring and change always invites an element of fear. In this case, the moonlight in the darkness, is a metaphor for peace allowing the viewer to see and feel a moment created in a landscape painting coming to life just for them. It is not only private but also, vulnerable and through it all, the light will shade the darkness and strength, love, compassion, peace, and color will thrive like a phoenix from the ashes just like the you.

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